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Suit Tailoring

Alteration Specialists of NY is the leading alteration and tailoring company for suit and jacket alterations. Our master tailors have 20+ years of deep industry experience working with suits, enabling them to perform the highest quality alterations for both men and women. We have experience successfully altering everything from simple, classic suits to the finest bespoke suits that are hand-made in Italy or on Savile Row in London. That’s why many of New York’s most luxurious retailers and prestigious, high-end fashion brands exclusively utilize Alteration Specialists for all of their suiting and jacketing alterations.

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Suit / Tuxedo resizing

Suit / Tuxedo Resizing

Be the best dressed man at your next event, without buying a new tuxedo. Hem or taper.

Suit & Blazer alterations

Suit & Blazer Alterations

Bring in that torso, or rotate the sleeves to fit your posture.


Sleeves (Shorten / Lengthen)$22.5 - $27.5 each
Taper Sleeves In / Out$25 each
Taper Sides In / Out$25 each
Center Seam$35
Raise Back$40+
Shorten Collar$85
Let Out / Shorten Shoulder$125
Sides with Blades$75
Shorten / Lengthen Jacket$125
Adjust Sleeves from Shoulder$125


Plain Hem$20
Hem with Cuff$25
Waist In / Out$20
Waist / Seat$30 - $35
Shape Seat$20
Taper Legs (Knee Down)$45 - $55
Thigh In / Out$45 - $55
Remove Pleats$125

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