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Service Pricing

The below represents a small subset of the available services we offer. If the job can be done, our team can do it. We specialize in all facets of tailoring and can help you with any type of alteration / tailoring needs. If you do not see the information for which you’re looking, please contact us for more information. We are happy to assist!

Please make sure to bring the shoes and any undergarments that you plan to wear with your desired outfit. Bridal is very difficult to give quotes over the phone or online without seeing the actual gown on you and discussing what needs to be done. We highly recommend you meet with our master bridal team for a risk free consultation.

In addition to seeing clients at our 6 NYC studios, we also make house-calls and office visits. There is a $125 (5 or more items) or a $175 (less than 5 items) non-refundable service fee for a home / office appointment within Manhattan.

We also extend our services to the other boroughs of NYC for in-home fittings! If you are outside of Manhattan and want to schedule a mobile fitting, there is a $175 (5+ items) or a $225 (3 – 5 items) non-refundable service fee. If you have any questions or you’re unsure if your location is covered for home / office appointments, please contact us for more information.

If you don’t see a time that works for you on the calendar or want to check if your location is covered, please email or call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We work with many retail companies across New York City. Please email for more information regarding our corporate pricing and partnerships.

Please note that pricing is subject to change depending on the complexity (hand stitching), construction, layers, and material/fabrics of the garments being altered and is exclusive of our service fee and/or surcharges and fees for at-home and/or in-office tailoring. Please contact us via email or phone for more information.

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Sleeves (Shorten / Lengthen) $50
Taper Sleeves $55
Center Seam In/Out $35
Taper Sides In / Out $45
Taper Sides with Blades $75
Raise Back $55
Shorten Collar $60-$145
Shorten Shoulder $160
Shorten / Lengthen Jacket $145-$160
Adjust Sleeves from Shoulder $160


Plain Hem $18
Stitch Hem $25
Hem with Cuff $25
Waist / Seat $45
Shape Seat/Crotch $45
Taper Knee Down with Hem $50
Taper Down with Hem $65
Re-Cut No Pleats $220
Re-Cut with Pleats $250


Basic Hem (*Pricing depends on the # of layers) $65+
Formal Dress Hem $120+
Taper Sides $65 - $90
Zipper $35+
Invisible Zipper $60 - $80
Install Bra Cups $35+
Adjust Straps $25+


Regular Hem $25
Original Hem $35
Original Hem and Taper Knee Down $65
Original Hem and Taper Full Leg $85
Waist Adjustment $85


Shorten Sleeves $50
Add Darts $25
Taper Sides or Sleeves $45
Taper Sides with Sleeves $65


Taper Sides $45 - $55
Hem $55 - $150

Basic Bridal

Install Bra Cups $35+ for both
Basic Hem $150+
Adjust Straps $45+
Take In / Let Out $100+ per one side
Luxury Bridal Pricing upon request
Bridal Packages Pricing upon request


Sleeves (Shorten / Lengthen) $35 - $40 each
Adjust Sleeves from Shoulder $90 - $100 each
Shorten / Lengthen Coat $185 - $200
Replace Zipper $140


We specialize in all types of leather Pricing upon request

Wedding Party Packages

Bridesmaids Packages Pricing upon request
Groomsmen Packages Pricing upon request

Home/Office Visits

Amount of Garments Service Fee
Under 5 items (Manhattan) $175
5 items or more (Manhattan) $125
At least 3 items (Other Boroughs) $225
5 items or more (Other Boroughs) $175


Type of Measurements Cost
Bridal (Private & Anomalie) $35
Menswear and Bridesmaid’s Dresses $25
Home/Office Measurements $100 + Cost of Measurements


We offer reconstruction services on all types of garments Pricing upon request

Courier Service

Throughout Manhattan $35
1 Hour Rush Service Pricing and availability upon request
Outside Manhattan Pricing and availability upon request

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